Channel Data Management (CDM)

Collects, cleanses, and aggregates transactional point-of-sale and inventory data from partners and distributors in a trusted single data asset that enables business and actionable intelligence. It includes new categories of predictive analytics, AI, and machine learning.

Channel Ecosystem Management

Manages the influence, transaction, and retention channels across the entire customer buying journey. It supports attribution for partner business models, such as alliances, affinity, affiliates, advocates, ambassadors, integrators, consultants, shadow channels, super-connectors, and digital influencers as well as multiparty, multipartner orchestration of complex partner ecosystems.

Channel Finance, Pricing And Inventory

Manages indirect-sales-related revenue and costs, determines the correct value of transactions, automates key financial reporting processes, and prevents errors in payment, commission, and rebates. It addresses pricing, inventory planning, gross-to-nets, discounts, compliance, tracking inventory levels, and price protection.

Channel Incentives Management (CIM)

Manages design, allocation, tracking, and distribution of financial incentives to the partner ecosystem, including market development funds (MDFs), sales performance incentive funds (SPIFs), co-ops, bonuses, rebates, price protection, channel sales compensation, and loyalty programs. It includes behavioral tactics such as gamification, micro-incentives, and nonmonetary and motivational incentives.

Channel Learning And Readiness (CLR)

Supports partner development through the administration, tracking, and delivery of educational training courses and enablement resources, including learning management systems, accreditation and certification management, content management systems, partner portals, communities, and sales enablement.

Partner Relationship Management

Supports the activities required to manage the entire lifecycle of channel partners, including partner targeting, recruitment, onboarding, enablement, engagement, communication, development, coselling, and comarketing. It provides critical integrations to back-end systems such as CRM, enterprise resource planning, and marketing tools.

Through Channel Marketing Automation

Enables partners to engage their customers with a consistent vendor brand experience to create awareness and generate demand. It helps organize and disseminate content and supports the execution of marketing programs, campaigns, and cobranded collateral that drive partner-led demand and accelerate channel lead and pipeline volume and velocity. It includes through-, to-, for-, and with-channel marketing automation.

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