Legally binding, Compliant Electronic Signatures

About SigniFlow

With so many local and international laws and electronic signaturte regulations that are in many cases confusing and even contradictory to one another, how does one achieve total confidence in signing documents electronically?

The secret lies in understanding what an electronic signature is, the difference between handwritten signatures (a.k.a. paper or wet ink signatures), electronic signatures and advanced digital eIDAS Qualified signatures.

SigniFlow features

  • High adaptability supports access from any computer or mobile device without the need to download and install an application.
  • Compatible with tokens, HSM, smart cards, mobile and other key vaults for signatures using a x.509 certificate.
  • Out of the box APIs and Restful APIs allow integration to any business application for maximum usability and fast deployment (i.e.: Sharepoint, Sales Force, MS 365, Active Directory, etc.).
  • Use our cloud servers, deploy our solution to your own on-premise servers or hosting service of your choice.
  • Support to electronic Signatures guaranteeing legal validity (find out more below). Did we mention our SignFree allows you to have signers using electronic signatures at no cost?
  • Drag, drop, upload or push files from your favorite applications or document libraries. Microsoft (MS) Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Text .TXT, Extensible Markup Language .XML, .JPEG, XML Paper Specification .XPS, HTML &.Net Code-signing and most popular Image files.
  • Customize your communications or the complete portal interface with your identity to fit your brand needs and guidelines.
  • Implement multi-factor authentication and/or request additional data to be embedded to the signature to comply with security and identity requirements.

SigniFlow pricing

From as little as GBP 9.00 per user per month, you can get a digital signing platform that doesn't matter how many documents you sign, how many times you sign and how many pages that document is.

SigniFlow screenshots

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